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Globyz Biopharma Services is dedicated to the sourcing and supply of commercial medicines / comparators for clinical trials studies across all therapeutic areas. We offer global sourcing, GMP-compliant storage, packaging & labelling, global distribution and cold-chain supply solutions. With broadest service offerings we provide complete global support for your sourcing strategy

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Whether you need comparator sourcing alone or comprehensive clinical supply services including procurement, packaging and labelling, storage & distribution or regulatory consulting, we can customize integrated solutions tailored to your clinical trial needs as a seamless extension of your supply chain.

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Based on years of experience, Globyz Biopharma Services possesses strong expertise in managing the regulatory, logistics and supply chain challenges of sourcing, storing and distributing pharmaceuticals for clinical trials.

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With offices and state of the art GMP compliant warehouses & depots in major cities, we have presence in major markets across the globe.

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